Fire Restoration

What to do if you experience if fire has damaged your home:

- Safety is the priority - contact your local fire department or 911. If the fire is small and manageable, you may attempt to use fire extinguishers to control it until help arrives.

- Vacate the premises and ensure everyone is accounted for. Notify the emergency crew if anyone is not accounted for.

- Contact your insurance company and provide them the necessary details to process your claim.

- Contact Metro Restoration and we will work with your insurance provider to ensure you and your belongings are looked after.

Once the fire department has put out the fire and allowed access for our team, we will work to save as much of your home and personal items as possible. The water damage from the fire hoses along with damage from the flames, soot and smoke will Metro's specialized attention for clean up, odour removal and reconstruction where possible.

- We will work with your insurance company for the pack out and storage of your personal property as well as relocation for you and family as necessary.